Expert advice

With our many years of experience as supplier to the pipeline and plant constrcution industries we are well placed to assist you with expert advice on the design and detail for projects including. We can provide tailor made solutions for specific problems and applications.


The calculation loads mentioned in this document were made with statically models udner certain conditions and parameters. All possible care is taken: compliance and applicable technical regulations and applicable standards, guarantees are given against the loads for the static cases shown in the catalogue, these are approximate values. Liabilities for the particular application cannot be derived. Any unauthorized variations or changes would invalidate any warranty and guarantee on our part.


The materials and characteristics are in accordance to the corresponding standards and should be used as a minimum requirement. For the characteristics and quality, Bernecker will only accept warranty in combination with an inspection certificate 3.1.

Special design

For your individual requirements we also offer special pipe supports.
Either as a variant production through the use of other:
  • materials (e.g. P265GH , P275NL1)
  • coatings (e.g. Duplex)
  • diameter (e.g. RA-102-R)
  • lengths (e.g. GLY-200/324L500-RB3)
  • heights (e.g. GLY-175/324-RB3)
or according to your specifications routines or static specification.

General tolerances

The general tolerances are for lengths, angles, shape and location in accordance with ISO 2768-cL and 13920-1-CG.

SI-Units (metric)

The physical quantities are stated in SI units as follows:
  • MDimensions in mm
  • Loads in kN
  • Temperatures at 80°C
  • Weights in kg,
if not stated otherwise.

Heat treatment

We can hot form and heat treat components to order, e.g.stress-free annealing, normalizing or hardening of high temperature materials. On request we supply a diagram of the heat treatment and temperature curve of the heat treated components supplied.

Corrosion protection and surface finishes

  • The corrosion protection is in accordance with DIN EN ISO 12944.
  • Hot-dip galvanized is standard to DIN EN ISO 1461 oder ASTM 123.
  • Prepare acc. to ISO 8501-3-P1 (edges broken and burr-free)
  • According to your needs and specifications we can also provide our component parts with the following surface treatment:
    Blasting (acc. to ISO 8501-1 SA 2 1/2), pickling, oiling, basic coating, painting or galvanic surface treatment.
  • Hot-dip galvanized screwing acc. to DIN EN ISO 10684 (tZn)
  • Galvanized screwing acc. to ISO 4042 (A2A or superior)
  • The coatings tZn and A2A are chrome(IV)-free.

Prefabrication service – supplied complete to site

As a specialist manufacturer in the field of pipe supports we can fabricate all supports and ancillaries for you ready to install, complete with labeling, to order.
Pre-assembled components with hard stamped article-name can optimize the assembling process and allow time savings on site; however, it is an additional service.

Acceptance / Certificates

On request we can supply our pipe supports products to DIN EN 10204 with
  • Acceptance test certificates 3.1
  • Certificate of compliance 2.2 / 2.1
We can arrange for acceptance tests (NDT, etc.) to be carried out by the TÜV or other inspectorate on our premises if required. Inspections by our customers can be arranged at any time.

Our safety is your guarantee

We operate in a quality assurance system that is certified to DIN ISO 9001. This is your guarantee that we will turn your specifications and requirements into a fully functional and reliable system that is right for the job.


  • DIN ISO 9001:2008
    (Quality management)
  • AD 2000 W-0 (Certification according to pressure equipment directive)
  • DIN EN 1090-1 (Requirements for conformity assessment of structural components)
  • DIN EN ISO 3834-2 (Comprehensive quality)

Legal Notice

With the publication of this catalogue previous editions are no longer valid. The reproduction, distribution and utilization of this documents as well as the communication of its contents to others without express authorization is prohibited. Offenders will be held liable for teh payment of damages. All rights reserved in the event of the grant of a patent, utility model or design.
For any typographical errors, prodct changes due to technical developments and changing model, no liability is accepted. In addition, all components must be used according to purposes.

Our general terms and conditions apply.

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